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Racetec Rigging offer a number of services to cover the varied needs of boat owners from servicing and routine maintenance to designing and building new rigs and deck systems.

Standing and Running Rigging 

Racetec Rigging ​offer a number of standing and running rigging solutions including new or replacement standing rigging

  • New or replacement standing rigging - whether it be in stainless steel or carbon Racetec Rigging can supply, fit and set up on any boat.

  • All running rigging requirements - including fitting and splicing onboard. Work with Racetec Rigging to decide on the best materials and specifications for your needs.

  • Textile loops and fittings -  all helping to assist in handling and reduce weight and wear onboard. Discuss with Racetec Rigging what options are available to you.

Deck and Winch hardware
  • Supply and fitting of deck hardware - Our extensive knowledge of the industry and its suppliers will mean we provide you with the best hardware for your boat.

  • Routine maintenance and servicing of deck hardware - It's not just winches that need servicing. Clutches and jammers, blocks and sheaves all require regular servicing. Whatever the make we can service, repair and offer improvements were needed

  • Winch system maintenance - We offer a complete package of service and maintenance to all brands of winch including pedestal and drive train assemblies. All genuine spare parts used and manufacturer recommended lubricants.

  • Design, building and fitting of custom components - Having been involved in the design of building of many production and race boats we can assist in the design of deck layout and systems.

Rigging Services
  • Unstepping, stepping and tuning of masts

  • Sail fitting and setup

  • Rigging and mast surveys

  • Refit planning

  • Seasonal maintenance

  • Wire and Dyneema guardwires

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