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Don’t overlook the most important ropes on your boat. The ones that look after your boat while you’re not on it!

Mooring Ropes

Our mooring warps are made using the highest quality rope from Kingfisher Yacht Ropes. Choose from a range of colours and sizes. Warps can be supplied with spliced eyes and can be further customised with a variety of coloured leather covers for protecting the rope.

mooring warps.jpg

Our fender lines come in a variety of colours in 2 types of material. You can choose from braid on braid to match your mooring warps of 3 strand for a more traditional look. Both types come with a spliced eye on one end for easy attaching to your fenders. Racetec can even supply a range of fenders. Why not get in touch with Racetec to discuss what we can do for you.

3strand polyester mixed2.jpg
Fender Lines
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