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Textile Work

An essencial and understated part of a boat. Bags, covers and pockets are often overlooked but are as important as rigging and ropes. Racetec offer custom and off the shelf solutions to compliment any needs.



  • New or replacement standing rigging -  whether it be in stainless steel or carbon Racetec Rigging can supply, fit and setup on any boat.

  • All running rigging requirements -    including fitting and splicing onboard. Work with Racetec Rigging to decide on the best materials and specifications for your needs.

  • Textile loops and fittings -                                all helping to assist in handling and reduce weight and wear onboard. Discuss with Racetec Rigging what options are available to you.

Custom Items

  • Unstepping, stepping and tuning of masts

  • Sail fitting and setup

  • Rigging and mast surveys

  • Refit planning

  • Seasonal maintenance

  • Wire and Dyneema guardwires


Bags And Pockets

  • Supply and fitting of deck hardware

  • Routine maintenance and servicing of deck hardware

  • Winch system maintenance

  • Design, building and fitting of custom components


An experienced and knowledgeable team bringing expertise from the highest levels of sailing.

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